TrayEverything 1.2

Minimize any window to the system tray


  • Save up space on the toolbar
  • Can be triggered with customizable keyboard shortcuts


  • Lacks advanced window management functions


The Windows toolbar is quite a handy element: it lets you access your most frequently-used programs though the Quick Launch bar and also holds all your minimized apps. But what happens when you run out of space?

The best option in this scenario is to use a tool like TrayEverything, with which you can minimize any active window to the system tray inastead of the Windows toolbar. In this way you can save up space for the apps you're currently working with or reclaim a few inches for a new icon on your Quick Launch bar.

TrayEverything comes in especially handy for those programs or windows you need to have opened at all times but don't really use that often, such as an email client, a music player and so on.

You can use the app list in TrayEverything or a customizable keyboard shortcut to send any active program or window to the System Tray, where they'll show up as icons. A simple right-click on any of them will be enough to restore the app to its previous state. It would be great though to have other extra functions like the ability to close apps from the System Tray icon or a special shortcut to tray all currently active programs.

Despite being a bit basic TrayEverything is still a handy tool to manage windows and save up space on the toolbar.



TrayEverything 1.2

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